About Us

Dr. Karen Ren
(Acupuncturist & Beautician)

✔ ACC Registered Provider
✔ NZ Registered Beauty Professional
✔ Member of Acupuncture NZ
✔ Member of NZ register of Acupuncturist
✔ Member of NZ beauty association
✔ Bachelor of Chinese medicine & Acupuncture
✔ Diploma of Beauty Therapist

My name is Karen Ren. Welcome to my clinic – Holistic Acupuncture & Beauty based in 47 Woodford, Henderson, Auckland. The concept of my clinic is to combine with traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment with beauty therapy that to treat people for multitude conditions and bring the beauty from inside out.

I am NZ qualified acupuncturist and current member of NZASA and ACC registered provider. As a well skilled and trained acupuncturist, I am good with treating common conditions, such as Sports Injury like reducing acute & chronic back pain, neck & shoulder pain, joint pain. Treating hormonal problems like relieves stress & anxiety and depression. Help in managing weight, treating insomnia, treating migraines. Treating indigestive problems like relief from nausea & vomiting, stomach fullness, poor appetite. Treating heart disease like palpitation, heart burn. Treating eyes problem, improving vision. I also have passion in treating women’s disease with conditions that include menstrual disorder, fertility, postpartum, perimenopause/menopause symptoms. In my treatment, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua Sha (Moving Cupping), Electrotherapy may be used to aid in your treatment.

I am also NZ qualified beautician with many years of working experiences and current member of NZ registered beauty professional association. We offer Auckland’s most comprehensive wide range of beauty therapy and advanced skin care with reasonable prices. From relaxation facials, to those incorporating Hydro-Microdermabrasion, Skin peels or Light therapy and High tech skin-changing courses such as RF, Bio, HIFU, Ultrasound which allow you to see long lasting skin results. I specialize in acne prone, aging, pigmentation and sensitive skin type.

We guarantee to our customer:

  • All treatments are provided by NZ registered acupuncturist and beauty therapist
  • Our skin care products range is 100% fresh, natural and No Paraben, No nasty chemicals, No synthetic component or any other additives that can irritate your skin.
  • We provide the very best in treatments, services and the highest standard of hygiene.
  • Your satisfaction is our top priority.